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Xifax Limited
48521 Warm Springs Blvd
Suite 314
California 95539 USA

4 Roxaco Landing
Nasugbu, Batangas
4231 Philippines

Phone +63 43 931 3903

Xifax Management Team

Xifax is in business to provide the most reliable fax services to business professionals. We take great pride in the Xifax network and its capabilities. We also take pride in our people and in the personal service they provide our customers.

Mervin A. Romanes, Marketing Manager
e-mail: mervin@xifax.com

ICQ: 317-457-875
Skype: MervinRomanes

Clea C. Javier, Support Manager
e-mail: clea@xifax.com

ICQ: 200-558-875
Skype: CleaJavier

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