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Product Review: eFax
eFax provide 2,000 local number and toll free that has the capability to send and receive faxes world wide. In an instant, obtain your very own eFax number and access information to your account. Send faxes in a few minutes and receive it directly on your favorite internet-connected personal computer. Save 10% on your annual plan.


eFax the internet fax that offers 2,000 local area code numbers and toll free that has the capacity to send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere on the globe. Offers a limitted account that can receive faxes only and has a non local number.

eFax has the capability to send multiple documents and send to multiple recipients. eFax account is enable to receive voicemail and can be access online for a year for having online storage.

Send annotate faxes using your eFax Messenger software through your account. View faxes on maximize or minimize and or any position. eFax account and free software, support windows application file format. You can send faxes from your desktop to any fax machine.

Notification emails are sending to account user on their email address on file. the email tells about the status of the fax that is currently sent. Faxes are attachments on your email address that are on TIFF or PDF file format. Faxes are saved online on 30 days or a year.

Secured account and faxes for having pin number to access just like email address.



Send faxes via email. Open the email registered to eFax account. Attached the document to be fax and enter the *recipients fax number in the "Send To:" field followed by @efaxsend.com and click Send.

*recipients fax number format: number + efaxsend.com (e.g. 1234567890@efaxsend.com)

Price and Extra Charges:


eFax has two packages: eFax Plus and eFax Pro packages.

Set up fees for these two accounts are free. Annual subscription saves you 10%. Incoming faxes on eFax toll-free number charged $0.20 per page. And all outgoing faxes is $0.10 a page for U.S. and Canada numbers. For international fax, it will depend on rates.

eFax Plus has a monthly fee of $12.95 with a local or toll free number. Number are capable to send and recive faxes internationally. This plan can stored incoming faxes for a month.

eFax Pro has a monthly fee of $19.95 with a toll free or local number. Send and receive faxes locally and internationally. Store your incoming faxes online on for 12 months.

Customer Care:
  eFax has a live chat support that can guide you on your inquiry and sign up questions. Phone support is present to this internet fax service provider. You can order fax number or sign up though their phone lines. Frequently Ask Question's page that supports that can support basic knowledge and information on how the service works.

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