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Internet Fax Overview


Internet Fax, trend of modern technology!!! Be our virtual judges for the best products and services in the electronic fax Industry.

Internet fax service attached to a Local Number or Toll Free Number, which allows you to send and receive faxes anywhere in the world through your internet-connected PC. Internet fax is the solution for mobile professional, frequent traveler or anyone on the go: the excellent solution to your business faxing needs.


How does Internet Fax work?

Internet fax has the capacity to send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere on the world. Sending faxes on internet fax is easy.

Send faxes via email. Email to fax is sending faxes via email. Sending faxes through email is just like creating an email. Click composed to create a new email. On the “Send to” put the recipients fax number (e.g. 1234567890@internetfaxprovider.com). Then attach the document to be fax (documents are converted either TIFF or PDF file format) then click Send.

Send faxes through Free Software. Open the document to be fax then click “File” then “Print”. On your print option choose for the “Print to Fax Software” base on what internet fax provider you have. After clicking the desired print to fax a pop up window will appear where the destination number will be ask and then click “OK or Send.”

Sending through web. Internet fax provider provide control panel online. Control panel which has the capability to send faxes and archive incoming faxes.

Internet Fax receives faxes as attachment on your email address. Faxes are sent either TIFF or PDF depends on the end user setup. Notification email are send which display the fax number where it was sent (if available), number of pages received and the status of your current fax.


Advantages of using Internet Fax:

  • Accessible - send and receive faxes on email anytime, worldwide.
  • Multiple Documents - internet fax has the capability to send multiple documents simultenously on few minutes.
  • Save Space - no need for phone lines and conventional fax machines. After sign up a fax number will be provided either local or toll free.
  • Expand business opportunities - access your fax anytime anywhere in the world. Anyone can reach you on your portable number through internet fax.
  • Convenience - you can send fax messages anytime and anywhere at reasonable price.
  • Speed - file transfer consumes less than five minutes.
  • Efficiency - a notification email message will be received each time a fax is sent containing information if the transmission was successful or not. It will be resent, if the recipient is busy, after a short period until the system continuous it has been successfully received.
  • Security - a fax messages pass through secure servers with the latest SSL Encryption to assure users of the privacy of their messages.

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