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Product Review: Rapid Fax
Rapid Fax send and receive faxes through email or a website interface or vise versa can be access from PC connected Internet (just like other service). Select your free own local or toll free number to send faxes globally. Pays as low as $9.95 monthly and send and receive faxes for just $0.08 per page.


Rapid fax send and receive faxes on your own personal local number and tollfree number (FREE of charge tollfree number like other intenet fax service). No software to download just fill on the Email ID and access to PC. Local number available at most area codes. And a tollfree number for none local number at zero cost.

Web interface secured by security certificate. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) and PDF (Portable Document Format) supported files. TIFF on this service supports data such as black and white, halftones and grayscale. The account can be a multiple users account.

electable cover page on your web to fax. Email notification are send informing that the faxes is delivered. Fax status can be track from the website. Cancellation of service is done once the cancellation form is submitted.



Existing email software and account is accessible to use to send your faxes. The destination of the email is addressed as number + @rapidfax.com (number@rapidfax).

Web faxing is easy. Visit the home page and log on to your account using your email address on file and the password. Inside the control panel, click on the Send Fax tab. Fill int the form then click on send.

Price and Extra Charges:


Rapid Fax includes 50 received fax pages monthly and additional cost for incoming pages for $0.05 cents.

Outbound faxes are charged according to the rate of the fax destination. USA outbound faxes cost $0.08 per page.

Rapid fax is FREE setup fee, monthly fee of $9.95 and 50 free pages per monthly subscription.

Customer Care:
  Rapid Fax has 24/7 email support, online livechat support for technical and billing phone support to respond your inquiry on time. Helpful FAQ's page and downloadable manual to save time to guide you on your fax service.

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