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 The XifaxMail system is a 100% anonymous email sending service.

 Without XifaxMail: Your IP address is included in all your outgoing emails. This  means your email can be traced back direct to the personal computer you use.

 With XifaxMail: All outgoing emails have the XifaxMail server's IP address. This  makes it impossible to trace the email to your personal computer.

 XifaxMail Features

  • 100% anonymous sending facility

  • Send email to 50 recipients at a time

  • Easy to use web based form to send email

  • Send email from any internet connected computer

  • Send email 24/7 from anywhere in the world

  • Use any FROM address, so your email appears to be sent from the address you choose

  • No emails are logged or stored by us

  • Send only, no receive email feature (use a public free email instead)